Body Wraps


Our Body Treatments will help detoxify, hydrate and slim the body. Perfect as a one off treatment or as a course to gain optimum results. This brilliant wrap guarantees at least 15cm loss over the whole body in 1 hour. Great for a special occasion to fit into that perfect dress or to kick-start a weight loss program. We offer you your money back if you don't lose your promised 15cm

Our International Body Wrap treatments are a fantastic way to lose those extra kilos in the search for that toned figure. No matter what shape or body size you are you can rely on our professional service and experience to get excellent tone and shape. The International Body Wrap is a method of weight loss whereby the body is wrapped in bandages that are soaked in a natural solution containing clays and minerals from the Dead Sea. This is a proven treatment that will lift, shape and tone your body, breaking down fatty tissues and making your body more compact and contoured.

How Does it Work?

Toxins are stored in the fluid between the fat cells. Toxic accumulation is due to several factors, including poor diet, illness, stress, smoking, and alcohol. Hormonal changes in women’s anatomy can also create a toxic excess. Many people have an overload of toxins in their bodies and this accumulation of toxins inhibits healthy blood flow and lymph drainage. International Body Wrap detoxifies the skin which provides greater elasticity, creating a firmer and smoother tissue base over which soft tissue lies. The centimetres that are lost are not due to loss of water and body fluid and this means that the centimetres will stay off for a minimum of 30 days, and can potentially stay off for up to twelve months if you lead a healthy lifestyle.

1 1/2 hours $250, 5 treatments $1000, save $250

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